Study programmes in Germany

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Study programmes in research on higher education and science

Study programmes in the area of empirical research on higher education and science tend to be interdisciplinary and application-oriented. Students in such programmes learn both theoretical and methodological foundations. They study research questions and consider the science and higher education systems from a range of different perspectives.

In addition, such programmes have two types of ties to the actual field of research on higher education and science: First, the study programmes play an important role in transfer of research findings, since their curricula draw on findings from such research. Second, the research field offers attractive employment opportunities for graduates who are seeking research careers.

The following pages present descriptions of 8 master's degree programmes in Germany. Study programmes with emphases on the philosophy of science or history of science were not included, since the focus here is on programmes oriented to empirical social-scientific research or to research in higher education didactics.

Study programmes in Germany